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The Process

Our Process

At Anderson Landscaping, we have invested a great deal of time and energy into creating a seamless customer experience as we take you through our four-step process.



Our first step is to gather information, to understand as clearly as possible what you wish to see accomplished during your project. We will schedule a site visit during which you will meet face-to-face with Joe Anderson and walk the landscape to begin the creative process of taking what’s in your imagination and turning it into a stunning new space that you’ll enjoy every day.



We start with a letter of intent and move forward from elevation sketches and conceptual drawings into actual construction plans and plant lists. Once your budget is confirmed and the project is contracted, it goes directly into the scheduling queue so work can begin.



This is the heart of your project, beginning with excavation and grading, amending soils and placing critical infrastructure and irrigation lines to ensure the long-lasting vitality of your landscape. Hardscapes go in next (water features, staircases, borders and walls) followed by plantings, groundcovers and final grading.



We aren’t finished just because the last plant has been planted. Our experienced crewmembers will run system checks to fine tune any moving parts and provide you with detailed instructions about how to operate, care for and get the most enjoyment from your new living spaces.