Sweeping and Plowing

commercial sweeping wenatchee

your landscape provides customers with the first impression of your business.  that includes your parking lot

If the outside of your business is well taken care of, it helps to create a positive and welcoming environment for your customers.  Regularly scheduled parking lot sweeping eliminates trash and debris build up and reduces contaminates.  We are happy to provide this to the list of services that we can provide to your business, HOA or gated community.

Extend the life of your asphalt

Sweeping helps to extend the life of your parking lot by removing excess sand and debris that can erosion if left on the pavement.  Regular sweeping of your business can help to extend the life of your parking lot between repairs.  It also limits pollution by preventing trash and debris from being washed into storm drain systems.

discourage littering

A well-maintained parking lot discourages littering.  People are less apt to discard their garbage in a lot that shows you value your business property.  It also discourages rodents by removing potential sources of food and nesting materials.

customer satisfaction

Cleanliness is a top factor for determining where customers want to shop.  Your parking lot can easily get overlooked as an important first impression.  Sweeping is something that is important to maintain year-round.

seasonal benefits

A spring cleanup will remove the sand and salt residue from snowmelt and any other debris from the winter season, as well as tracking sand into your business that can damage your interior floor and carpets.  During the fall, sweeping prevents leaves that accumulate and clog up storm drains that can cause urban flooding.

We can sweep your lots weekly or monthly and include a Spring and Fall cleanup to help keep your customers, owners and tenants impressed and happy.

Construction job sites

Contractors have a responsibility at their job site to control dirt and debris from entering waterways through the storm drain system.  Construction sweeping reduces liability caused by damage from dirt and debris and limits the sediment from construction onto paved streets. 

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your job site at all times and taking care of post-construction cleaning will speak volumes about the professionalism of your services and quality workmanship

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