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Tsillan Cellars

Tsillan Cellars

Dr. Robert Jankelson had a vision to bring Tuscany to the gently sloping south shore of Lake Chelan. He came to Joe Anderson for help in realizing that vision. Today, Tsillan Cellars is one of the Northwest’s premier destinations, with an award-winning winery, fine Italian dining at Sorrento’s Ristorante and stunning wedding facilities, all ensconced in a lush landscape of waterfalls and wetlands created by Anderson Landscaping.

A Fusion
Italy and the Pacific Northwest

It was Joe Anderson’s artistry with rock that first caught Jankelson’s attention. But Jankelson had spent years building his vision for Tsillan Cellars and countless hours sketching on the property, so it was no small matter to turn the landscape design over to Anderson Landscaping.

To better understand Jankelson’s vision, Joe camped with him for three days at Mount Rainier, talking about how to fuse the Italian countryside with the majesty of the Pacific Northwest.

 “I don’t turn the dream over to someone unless I have that trust,” said Jankelson. “I just had complete confidence in him.”

In the end, he handed Anderson complete creative freedom and work began to integrate the new winery into the natural landscape of the mountain. On a timeline of just 50 days, the Anderson Landscaping team constructed three waterfalls fed by an 80-foot water channel. An amphitheater concept, designed on the spot, included a pond with an island in its center that could double as a dining area and a stage. And, of course, the rockwork that had drawn Jankelson to Anderson in the first place defines the outdoor spaces that in turn define the experience for thousands of visitors passing through each year.

“I just can’t say enough about the passion and the vision and the talent that he brings to the project,” said Jankelson. “They not only met their deadline, but they fulfilled every vision of what I wanted it to be.”


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