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Door Residence

Door Residence

A landscape masterpiece three years in the making, once completed, Anderson Landscaping had transformed nearly two acres of ground, bringing in nearly two million pounds of rock, procuring special plant varieties, building a custom pool, meandering pathways and planting areas all supported by a high-tech, remotely monitored sprinkler system.

 I was really impressed with … how he tailored the landscaping to the setting, the style of the house and the feel. The rock work he did is phenomenal.

Big Boulders
Gently Moved

“The idea is that when rock comes out of its natural environment and goes into its new environment, it still looks like it’s always been there,” explains Jackie Johnson, Anderson Landscaping general manager.

Incredible care is taken in the selection, extraction and transport of rocks, in this case from nearby Entiat, Wash. When seeking out rock for his projects, “I look for character, I look for age,” explains Joe Anderson. Then, in order to retain the natural character and textures right down to the moss and lichen that might be growing on their surfaces, the rocks are handled with pads and straps to avoid any marring. It can take one to two hours to remove a single mammoth stone.

The time and care is worth it, according to the homeowners. Huge boulders now serve as focal points around the property, artful retaining walls, staircases, natural outcroppings on the hillsides and rock-bordered planting areas look like as if they were in place before the house was ever built.  “The rock work he did is phenomenal,” says homeowner Tom Dorr.

Creating Italy
In the Pacific Northwest

In Tuscany you’ll find cypress trees. Not so in the semi-arid ecosystem of North Central Washington. “You just have to learn to be more creative,” says General Manager Jackie Johnson.

To simulate the feel of Italy, Anderson Landscaping came up with a different option, locating a special variety of spruce grown by only one nursery in the world that could easily pass for a cypress tree but hardy enough to thrive throughout the year in Washington.

Old World Feel
New World Tech

Keeping nearly two acres of landscaping healthy through the seasons required an extensive 37-zone state of the art sprinkler system. Modern technology, however, allows complicated systems to run more simply, safely and efficiently than ever before. 


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