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Albert Residence

Albert Residence

It really does blend in with the area both in topography as well as in the colors and landscape.

John and Christina Albert of Seattle built their contemporary home on a waterfront lot near Turtle Rock just steps from the Columbia River as a vacation home, but fell so in love with their waterfront retreat that they quickly made it their family’s primary residence.

They asked Anderson Landscaping to create a landscape that would complement the subtle, sophisticated architectural design, blending a modern, minimalist aesthetic with the natural beauty of the river and the arid hillsides of eastern Washington.

Plants and Materials

This gorgeous new home required a landscape to match, something that was classy and modern in style, yet still very inviting.”

A fountain made from the basalt ubiquitous around North Central Washington echoes the dome of Turtle Rock itself as it emerges just across the water. The use of so many indigenous materials guarantees a long-lasting, drought-tolerant and low maintenance landscape that the Albert family can enjoy indefinitely.


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