When Joe Anderson talks rock, people listen. And now, for the first time in a career devoted to natural rock landscapes, he is talking about a new technology called ClifRock with the capacity to produce custom-made rocks that live up to his exacting standards.

“ClifRock is going to absolutely blow open the possibilities for our residential and commercial clients in Lake Chelan and the greater Wenatchee area,” said Anderson, founder of Anderson Landscaping. “All the limitations have been removed. If we can imagine it, we can create it.”

Joe Anderson has been described as one of the region’s top natural rock experts. For decades he has been creating beautiful landscapes relying completely on the indigenous rocks and plants of the region. Rockwork comes with certain built-in challenges – they are heavy, they often require heavy machinery to move, and they can’t be reshaped according to the needs of the project.

But now, through a convergence of science and technology, ClifRock is doing for landscape construction what the advent of the smartphone has done for everyday life – vastly expanding the range of possibilities.

Anderson and his team, naturally skeptical of anything short of real rock, spent hundreds of hours researching, testing, and training with ClifRock before coming to the conclusion that Anderson Landscaping would become the new, single-course, authorized installer for North Central Washington.

“ClifRock is virtually indistinguishable from natural stone yet, unlike natural stone, it allows for an infinite number of possibilities,” said Anderson.

“This ingenious product is going to radically expand the way we design and construct our landscape environments.”

ClifRock is a lightweight, moldable concrete that mirrors not only the look and feel of natural stone, but the strength and durability of it as well. Some of the outstanding characteristics of ClifRock that made a believer out of Anderson include:

  • It can be made to resemble any natural stone so closely as to be indistinguishable from the real thing
  • Moldable into any shape, size or style
  • Remarkably lightweight, allowing it to be installed on normally engineered surfaces and decks
  • Incredibly strong, reinforced fiber hardens into surfaces every bit as hard and durable as rock
  • No coring required to wire lights or even irrigation into the ClifRock itself
  • Large equipment is optional – ClifRock materials can be brought in on foot if necessary
  • Zero clearance is required for land-locked clients or those with projects in sensitive habitats
  • Entirely waterproof and mold-free for the life of the landscape

Even more exciting are the potential applications for ClifRock, says Anderson. Where once walls could only be constructed by stacking rocks, Anderson can now create an actual cliff face, for example. The possibilities are infinite, but here are just a few:

  • Custom outdoor kitchens
  • Water features, waterfalls and water slides
  • Fire features
  • Grottos, poolside caves
  • Cliff faces or foothills in your backyard
  • Walls, benches, pillars, entry arches
  • Commercial benches, crowd and traffic control berms
  • Animal habitats

The arrival of ClifRock heralds a new era for landscape design and construction and for all of Anderson Landscaping’s clients. “I believe in providing only the best for our clients,” said Anderson. “And ClifRock is the very best.”

The Anderson Landscaping team eagerly awaits the opportunity to help you imagine and elevate your next landscape construction project. To get started, contact Anderson Landscaping today at (509) 665-4916 or visit

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